I operate at the leading edge of innovation and creativity.

Twelve concussions throughout my life mean that my brain works very differently from most people.

I have access to expanded perspectives and bring a future-focused vision and unique alchemy that I’m committed to sharing with those brave enough to co-create real, inspired change.

Let’s push boundaries, challenge the status quo, explore new ideas, and create a positive legacy for future generations.

The story so far…

I’m a Kiwi who grew up in a normal, dysfunctional household like everyone else.

Did my apprenticeship as a mechanic.

Loved Motorbikes; got my first one at 12 years old.

Got into trials riding at 17.

Saved up and rode the U.K. nationals, Scottish six-day trial in Fort William in Scotland, worldwide.

Tried getting a real job, then became a ski bum.

Became a ski tech in N.Z. and worked with disabled skiers in the U.S.

I knocked myself out doing a lift line run (Concussion No. 4), then broke my shoulder and got a tumor in my throat. Laid up for 18 months.

Retrained as a photographer, photojournalist, commercial, industrial photographer, video cameraman, and audio artist.

Somehow, ended up in Economic Development.

Then became a change manager/project manager.

Had a 2nd stint at Economic Development (Another bad idea)Studied meditation, then lived and worked in Buddhist monasteries for seven years.

Became a high-performance coach, working with global CEOs, Daytona racing car drivers, and elite athletes.

Took clients on personal growth adventures in Peru, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Bali.

Worked with clients in Europe and the U.S.

I met a remarkable woman, made two beautiful baby girls, and got married (in that order).

Worked with overseas investors researching, analyzing, purchasing, and developing properties for forestry, farming, and tourism.

Current Projects

Take a peek inside our World


Applied Integrated Intelligence


Renewed Waterways


Further, Beyond, BUTLER

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